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As part of our commitment to make your international move as trouble-free as possible we are providing you with links to a number of web sites that may assist you when planning your relocation.

Apart from in depth moving advice, you will find specific information on every conceivable country - including their customs requirements, housing facilities, exchange rates, tax systems, schooling options and health services. You will also find a number of specialist sites focussing on the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand that we hope you will find useful.

Expat Exchange

Claiming to be "a world of friends abroad", this site is more international in flavour. It's homepage features important headline news from a host of countries, as well as frequently updated travel warnings and expert field reports on life in each country featured.

The list is as impressive as that of Direct Moving, although there is a lot less on-site content. Instead, Expat Exchange provides information in areas such as health insurance, jobs & careers and clubs & organisations by providing links to a series of relevant sites in each category. This guarantees in-depth, first hand information that can be compared with Direct Moving's editorial comments.

Network Migration Services

Network Migration Services is a private, professional consultancy, uniquely positioned to help families and professionals navigate their way through the realms of migration

London Town

Aimed primarily at tourists, this site provides the usual information for people spending time in the English capital - from hotels and popular restaurants to a theatre guide and worthwhile attractions. Nevertheless, the attention to detail and diverse areas covered will provide much useful content for people new to the city and its surroundings.

Visit Britain

Although this site is also aimed more at tourists than immigrants it is a very useful introduction to Britain. It features information on major attractions and popular destinations as well as a "virtual journey" through these areas. Also featured is a calendar of upcoming events as well as news highlights.


Not a site with the most inviting name but it is aimed specifically at South Africans living in and relocating to the United Kingdom. As a result, there is a lot of information particularly relevant to South Africans wanting to move there. Advice on traveling and visas is backed up by job listings and general information on areas such as shopping and sporting activities. A diary of upcoming events is also featured, while those already far from home can read about the latest happenings in South Africa.

The Australian Immigration Department

Everything you will ever need to know before moving to Australia can be found on this official site of the Australian Immigration Department. Particularly relevant is the "Migrating to Australia" section which offers specialised information for, amongst others, business people, skilled migrants and those with family already in Australia.

A "Frequently Asked Questions" section offers useful answers to common immigration questions. The "Settling in Australia" pages supply helpful information on housing, education, health services and employment while the "Information Resources" section provides information on all the documentation needed for immigration.

The New Zealand Immigration Service

The sole agency of the New Zealand government responsible for migration and entry to the country, the NZIS provides all the relevant information needed for relocating to New Zealand. Sections include settlement information, employment, education as well as general information on the country - including living costs and the climate. The "Migration" page provides in-depth details of visa requirements including residence visas and permits. Certain of these application forms are also available to download.

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