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From a small branch of a moving company to operating from four locations in South Africa, we assist families all over the country to relocate to anywhere in the world. Our two main warehouses are situated in Cape Town (HQ) and Johannesburg. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

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Kings International South Africa Locations

Cape Town Head Office

Unit 2, Millenium Park
6 Scheckter Road
Killarney Gardens
Cape Town
South Africa

Johannesburg Office

140 Deodar Street
Unit 17 Transit Industrial Park
Kempton Park
South Africa



How long does it take to fill a groupage container?

A: If it is shipped to the United Kingdom, New Zealand or Australia, it usually takes a month to fill a groupage container.

What costs are not included in the quote provided by Kings? OR What costs are excluded from quotes provided by Kings International?

A: Our rates include all door-to-door costs but exclude any duties, taxes or customs examination fees (if any) at your new destination.

How much space is available/can I fit in a container?

A: A single car garage is more or less the same size as a 20ft (6m) container. So, for a 40ft (12m) container, double the space is available.

Can I ship my car in a container?

A: Yes, but it would require a valid police clearance certificate. We are happy to obtain an export permit on your behalf once we have received your police clearance certificate.

Can I ship my Motorbike?

A: Yes, but it would require a valid police clearance certificate. We are happy to obtain an export permit on your behalf once we have received your police clearance certificate.

What are my options for insurance?

A: An all-risk option is available at the replacement value* of your goods at your new destination. The following options are available:
Total replacement value* of goods at destination @ 3,5% (R2000 excess applies)
Total replacement value* of goods at destination @ 3% (R3500 excess applies)
Total replacement value* of goods at destination @ 2,5% (R5000 excess applies)

A Total Loss ONLY option is also available:
Total value of goods multiplied by 1,5% (no excess)

How do I choose between a shared/groupage container and a single shipment container?

A: If you are looking for a more affordable means of moving a small number of items, and you have time before you need these goods to arrive at your destination, then a groupage option might be at the best option. This is only applicable for a certain volume of space. There is a break-even point where it becomes more cost-effective to opt for a single shipment container. This break-even point will vary from destination to destination.

Complete our inventory calculator to determine the amount of space you would need. Kings International will contact you to discuss the best option for your needs!

How long does it take to ship my goods to my new destination in a single shipment container?

A: It depends on where you are relocating to. The average door-to-door transit in most cases is between 6-8 weeks (United Kingdom and Europe). However, some destinations further afield, such as USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the transit time can take up to 8-10 weeks.

Will I pay duties on my household goods at customs?

A: In most countries, providing that you are relocating your permanent residency to your new destination or are a returning resident to that country, no duties and taxes would be due.

Can I take wooden furniture and goods to Australia or New Zealand?

A: As long as the wood has been treated and has been used in the manufacturing process of creating furniture, there would be no problems importing these at your destination. However, any untreated items would attract a fumigation charge at the destination. This will also delay the overall clearance process.

Would my quote be less if I pack my own belongings?

A: Yes, but not by much. Our insurers, however, will not insure any goods “packed by owner” (PBO). Customs at your destination often tend to treat any PBO goods with suspicion. This will often lead to a customs examination which will add to the cost and will delay the clearance process and delivery.

Will I still be able to move my goods if I do not have an address to deliver my items to?

A: Yes. It is very common for families relocating abroad not to have a set address or home to move into once they arrive at their new destination. It takes about 6-10 weeks to pack and ship your household goods and for it to be cleared at your new destination. Please inform us in advance if you would require a storage option until your new address is finalised.

Which services are included in the quotes?

Export wrapping of all items in cushion craft.
Packing of all smaller times in removal cartons.
Loading your consignment into a removal van at your residence (assuming normal access).
Transportation to our storage units.
Placing your consignment into wooded storage containers (lift vans) for storage until we have sufficient volume to fill a container.
Transportation of the container to the port of departure.
Placing the container onto a shipping vessel.
Payment of all South African port charges.
Post cargo dues.
South African export customs clearance.
Sea freight to port of entry.
Normal terminal handling charges.
Destination port charges.
Customs clearance at your new destination.
Collection of the container from the port by our partners.
Transportation of your goods to our partners’ warehouses.
Unloading the container and separating your consignment from the others.
Delivery of your consignment to your new residence (assuming normal access).
Unloading and unpacking of your household goods.
Removal of debris on the day of delivery.
Return of the empty container to the shipping line.