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Our Services

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We offer several options when it comes to transporting your goods. Our services are tailored to your needs.
Airfreight is generally the quickest option to transport selected items to your new destination. Sea freight is
more cost efficient when shipping more and larger items


Airfreight refers to the transportation of goods via an air-carrier. We can deliver the cargo straight to your front door, or to the closest international airport at your destination in a short amount of time. The quote will be based on the actual weight in kg’s and the dimensional weight of your cargo.
If you know the dimensions and weight of what you would need to be delivered, get your quote in under 30 seconds.

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Our services get more specific when it comes to sea freight shipping. The options include shipping your personal belongings in a:

Groupage Container Less Than Container Load Full Container Load

Shared/Groupage container

This option allows you to share a container with our clients. You will only pay for the percentage of the container space you utilise and is more affordable than taking your own exclusive container. The container, however, will only be shipped once all the space has been filled.

Free storage services at our warehouses are included until we have sufficiently filled the rest of the container.

You can view where we are in terms of filling containers to the below listed countries and cities.

New Zealand, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, East and West Coast of Canada., East and West Coast of the USA, and UAE.


Container Capacity Percentage to:

LCL (Less than Container Load)

This method is used to ship cargo which is smaller in size and not large enough to fill a 20ft (6m) container. Your goods will still be loaded inside a 20ft/40ft container and transported the same way as with a groupage container, but in pallets or wooden crates (Liftvans) which are then stacked and shipped inside a shared container. Your lift van is then sent to our partnered freight consolidator who arranges for multiple small shipments to be bundled in the same container and shipped to a specific location.

You will be charged on the overall space you utilise inside the container per cubic meter (cbm). With LCL cargo, more handling costs are involved: pallets have to be loaded and unloaded more often, resulting in more handling charges.

It does however allow you to ship smaller goods in a shorter period of time because your cargo is handed over to a consolidator who then fills the rest of the container with goods from other companies, a lot faster than we can.

Exclusive FCL (Full Container Load)

Our options include the 20ft container, the 40ft container and the 40ft High Cube (HC) container. We will pack your goods in boxes, wrap furniture in bubble wrap and cushion craft, and load your cargo into what is known as a “Twenty-Footer”, which signifies the actual length of the container.

20ft container can fit approximately 1000 cu.ft (cubic feet)

A 40ft shipping container has the same designs as the 20ft container but is double the length and offerstwice as much space.

40ft container can fit 2000 cu.ft

The 40ft HC (High Cube) container is 12m in length, but it is approximately 40cm taller than the 40ft container and offers around 10-15% extra more spaceand can fit 2400 cu.ft extra household goods.

Calculate the total cubic feet of your household goods today.

Extra Services

We strive to become a holistic moving company to meet all your international relocation needs. We believe in going the extra mile for our clients and offer additional packages and individually tailored services to make your move that much easier.

Motorcar Service Storage Service Insurance Service Pets Service

Motorcar Services

We are more than happy to provide you with a comprehensive car exportation service. Please keep in mind that the requirements to export a car differs from country to country.

Some countries require more than 50% in taxes and duties. It might happen that it’s not financially viable to ship your car to your new destination. Other countries, however, will grant you the right to import your car free of duties and taxes. So the easiest way forward would be to contact us with your queries and we will guide you through the process for the country in question.

Your car can either be loaded and shipped in its own 20ft (6m) container or it can be shipped together with your household goods in a 40ft (12m) container. Motor vehicles are strapped and tied down to ensure the car does not move around and get damaged during the transit.

Feel free to contact us for more information about shipping your motor vehicle to a specific country.

Storage Service

No storage fees are charged for groupage containers as they are only shipped once they have been completely filled.

We offer storage in transit as required. The cost depends on the volume being stored – and the storage period.

No storage is charged for “groupage” shipments as it is up to us to ensure that the containers are filled and dispatched timeously – charging for storage while you wait for us to fill a container would simply "not be right"!

Insurance Service

We offer both “Total Loss” as well as “All risks” insurance cover.

Total Loss cover is limited to a “disaster” – i.e. the ship has sunk, you never see your effects again! You can not insure individual items and will only be covered in the unlikely event of us not being able to locate your entire shipment.

All risks cover will insure you for any damages to individual items during transit, including negligence from our side. For All Risks cover we would require a comprehensive and valued inventory of the goods being shipped, indicating the replacement values at destination.

Pets Service

We can assist in the relocation of your pets by facilitating their shipping with various qualified animal travel companies throughout South Africa. Contact us to find out more.

Our Associations

OMNI is a global network of the most professional independent companies in the international moving and relocation industry providing customers with a complete relocation service.”

"OMNI companies are market leaders in their own countries that have joined together to provide a network of excellence worldwide providing the best service the industry can offer. The close working relationships amongst the OMNI trading partners are built on personal and professional trust in each-other's competence, integrity and local knowledge. Unlike multinational moving giants, OMNI partners work together out of choice not obligation. This ensures that each company maintains the desire to provide excellent service and that only the world's finest companies remain part of the network."

The International Association of Movers (IAM) is the moving and forwarding industry’s largest global trade association. With more than 2,000 members, it comprises companies that provide moving, forwarding, shipping, logistics, and related services in more than 170 countries. Since 1962, IAM has been promoting the growth and success of its members by offering programs, resources, membership protections, and unparalleled networking opportunities to enhance their businesses and their brands.”

"EUROVAN is an organisation of independent leading local removal companies. Each company carries on its business of local removals. But since, over recent years, removals have increasingly meant the crossing of frontiers, these companies recognised the need to offer the same excellent service internationally for which they had become so well known and respected locally and so a network was created. The original move is initiated by the local partner, but it is helped by personnel of EUROVAN partners in the countries it needs to pass through, and, most especially, in the country of destination. This way, any unforeseen problem can be quickly resolved with the local expertise of the local partner."

"In addition if the move takes place inside Europe, EUROVAN’s headquarters monitors, coordinates and controls all moves between one country and another."